Why Recent Graduates Shouldn’t be Overlooked in the Talent Pool

Is the Next Generation of Talent Going to Sink or Swim? Why Recent Graduates Shouldn’t be Overlooked in the Talent Pool

The next generation of Canadians born in the late 90’s, are the single most educated generation of our time, so why are so many of them out of work? The latest group of recent graduates are facing all-new challenges when it comes to joining the workforce, challenges Gen Xers and Baby Boomers never had to experience. No longer does having a framed certificate on the wall guarantee you a job. This generation often gets a bad rap, for being un-motivated or “lazy”, but another reason recent graduates are being overlooked as potential candidates is simply that they’re lacking on-the-job experience.

Nearly 37 percent of Canadian’s born between 1980-1999 with undergraduate degrees are currently unemployed or underemployed.

This means that Canadians graduating in 2021 are going to be forced to take any job that comes along because they won’t be able to find work in their related field of study.

But these candidates shouldn’t be overlooked. The truth is, the next generation of talent knows how to manage projects better than any group before them. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Canadians of this era have been forced to complete their education via virtual learning, and therefore developed certain skills that your current employees probably don’t have.

“Because these recent grads have a better understanding of how to utilize technology, they’re able to manage projects seamlessly with very little hand-holding, leading to greater productivity and more instantaneous results in less time.”

-Dave MacDonald, President, The Better Together Group

With all of the virtual tools at their disposal, these up and coming candidates are actually better prepared to enter the workforce than anyone and can add value to a corporation immediately, especially when it comes to project management and taking the lead on tasks.

They Have The Transferrable Skills

Recent graduates may not appear to have job experience on paper, but they have plenty of transferrable skills to bring to the table. Most Canadians under the age of 30 grew up in front of a computer, so when it comes to utilizing technology, this generation and the generation below them, are far superior. Technology can replace human workers nowadays, but having employees on your team who know how to use that technology, can be extremely valuable to a business manager. Tech skills are easily integrable into just about any industry, regardless of the candidate’s experience level. Despite being tech-savvy, today’s recent grads are also able to see beyond technology when it makes sense, especially in the workplace, where communicating complex ideas can be difficult via email.

This generation has a long list of transferrable skills built from tech, volunteer, and community work that was completed during their time in secondary school, and also what they’ve had to endure with virtual learning this past year. Partnering with a reputable staffing agency can help to hire managers to decipher these skills, and get the right recently graduated employees for the role, ones who are going to add not only value but innovation to your organization.

They Add Diversity

When it comes to the topic of creating diversity in the workplace, many organizations are turning to their next-gen employees for direction. Not only is diversity important to them when it comes to age, race, gender, language, and more, this generation of Canadian employees also have a very diverse thought process, which can be very beneficial in the workplace. Future generations are likely to view diversity through a lens of experiences and opinions, rather than the traditional definitions of diversity. Creating a diverse environment can also allow for collaboration opportunities, which is a key factor when looking for a candidate who will blend with a company’s corporate culture, something this new generation of candidates take very seriously.

This generation of recent grads are also known to have a very high level of emotional intelligence which makes them really good leaders. Alongside valuing communication and positive work culture, this generation doesn’t shy away from changing the way Gen Xers do. In fact, they embrace growth and change in the workplace, which gives employers more freedom to create evolving roles within their organization as they experience shifts in their industry. Over the past year and a half, business owners have had to demonstrate extreme agility. These employees will be able to easily adapt on the fly, where your current employees may not respond well to change.

They Work Productively on Their Own

While you may have current Gen X or Baby Boomer employees struggling to work productively from home, The next generation of talent are primed and ready to work on their own, as they have been for the last year or more. Keeping this group engaged as employees can be a little more challenging if your corporate culture revolves around the standard 9-5 daily grind, as they typically shy away from the traditional structures of a typical office environment.

Approximately 70 percent of employees under 30 years in Canada reported that they would rather telecommute for work.

The idea of physically commuting to an office and sitting at a desk for eight hours has become negotiable, but unlike your current employees who have been propelled into a work-from-home environment un-prepared, this generation of talent is quite comfortable with the task of managing their productivity in a non-office environment.

They’re Motivated

It’s no shock that the cost of living has rapidly increased since Gen Xers entered the workforce many moons ago, so despite the stigma that this generation of talent are unmotivated, these recent graduates know they’re going to have to work hard to afford the modern convinces that come with growing up. Motivated by more than just money, these employees have a lot to offer in the workplace, and will in a lot of cases work for a lower salary than your current staff, especially if they feel the culture aligns with their values and if they see room for advancement and growth.

The Better Together Group Advantage

Our group of companies has over 75 years of combined experience in niche market hiring, our team can assist you with hiring the right employees who are going to bring innovation and diversity to the table, especially if your business has shifted over the pandemic. We have access to a pool of candidates who have recently graduated and have the tech skills that can be easily integrated into your industry. These potential candidates can also easily transition into your current work-from-home model, ultimately saving you time and money. While on-boarding these employees takes a certain finesse, since what they value in a role can differ from what attracted your current employees to your company, our group of diverse talent scouts have the tools necessary to captivate these future power players.

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